Joint commission survey preparation

Joint Commission Survey Preparation

Preparing for a Joint Commission Survey

Preparation for a Joint Commission survey as a behavioral healthcare organization can be a complicated task.  The stress associated with pre-survey activities can have a negative impact on your staff, the services you provide clients, and can be incredibly time consuming.

Contracting with us as your Joint Commission consultants to prepare your organization for a survey instantly adds experts to your team.  We reduce the stress associated with survey preparation and readiness, and walk you through every step of the accreditation process.  

Experience is critical when it comes to thorough Joint Commission survey preparation.  We utilize our extensive accreditation experience to consistently develop documentation, compliance tools, checklists and training materials to match up with the scope of services and levels of care you provide.  

Our proven method for preparing for surveys has guided dozens of behavioral healthcare organizations through successful surveys with 100% satisfaction.  Every agency we have helped prepare for Joint Commission survey has achieved a 3 year accreditation.  Our approach to working with clients is customized to meet the needs of every behavioral healthcare organization we contract with.

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Recovery Consultants: TJC Survey Preparation Consultants

Survey Preparation

Joint Commission Survey Preparation

Our Joint Commission survey preparation consultants work with your organization to develop a customized strategy to prepare for your survey.  The work plan we put in place will outline the steps necessary to achieve compliance with TJC standards, and help guide you to survey readiness in a way that reduces stress and has great results.

Staff Training

Joint Commission survey preparation staff training

We provide training for your staff on relevant Joint Commission standards.  We customize our training materials and approach to meet your needs as they relate to TJC standards. Your medical, clinical, facilities and leadership staff will be well educated on Joint Commission standards relevant to their departments, so there are no surprises during a survey.

Mock Surveys

Joint Commission mock survey

A mock survey is a great way to prepare your behavioral healthcare organization for an on site survey with the Joint Commission. We follow the same format as TJC surveyors, conducting systems and patient tracers.  Our Joint Commission survey preparation consultants will interview your staff as well, helping them to prepare and gain confidence for when an actual survey occurs.

Environment of Care

Joint Commission environment of care survey preparation

In preparation for a TJC survey we evaluate your Environment of Care to ensure compliance with Joint Commission standards. We identify opportunities for improvement and ways to increase patient safety by also assessing your behavioral healthcare organizations compliance with Life Safety and Emergency Management standards.   


joint commission checklists and other documentation

Having the proper documentation is critical to a successful Joint Commission survey. We provide templates for policies and procedures and any other forms, binders, and checklists necessary for your behavioral healthcare organization to be in compliance with TJC standards.

Quality Management

Joint Commission Performance Improvement Survey Preparation

Joint Commission standards require collection and analysis of data. In preparation for your survey we will work with the leadership at your behavioral healthcare organization to identify priorities and implement a Performance Improvement program that meets TJC standards and improves patient outcomes.