Documentation Required for Joint Commission Accreditation



The old saying is, "If it's not documented, then it never happened".  This is true as far as The Joint Commission is concerned as well.  Everything that occurs at your organization needs to be documented in one form or another, whether it's audits of medical records, the content within those same records, or documents to show inspections of your Environment of Care.

Your Policies and Procedures manual, which is perhaps the largest document at your organization also needs to have Joint Commission standards crosswalked into the content that you have already developed in order to achieve licensure or certification through your state.

Maintaining Documentation

The Joint Commission doesn't have a preference when it comes to how documentation is maintained.  Some organizations have strategies in place to maintain documentation electronically so it is easily accessible to all staff that may need to review it.  Other organizations decide that certain departments will maintain binders relevant to the tasks that they complete or the clients that they work with.

While our preference tends to be managing as much agency documentation electronically as possible, we understand that some organizations just aren't there yet, and are happy to work with programs that document everything on paper.

How we can Assist Your Organization

Throughout the years of developing documentation for various levels of care within the behavioral health field, we have managed to capture all of the Joint Commission requirements in the forms and policy manuals we have written.  Whether it's checklists related to Environment of Care, or audit forms that can be used to conduct tracers or mock surveys, we have it ready, regardless of the document.

Every organization we work with needs some level of assistance with their documentation, and that's where we are able to offer valuable assistance that saves you time and money.  Developing documents that capture all of the Joint Commission requirements and keep your agency in compliance with relevant standards can be incredibly time consuming to develop.  

If your organization needs assistance in ensuring you have all of the proper documentation in place, or achieving accreditation through The Joint Commission, click the link below to contact us through our web submission form, or call us anytime at (866) 444-7272.

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