Joint Commission staff training


Staff Training

Staff Training is a process that never ends within an organization.  While the Joint Commission has topics that require training, organizations are responsible for developing their orientation and ongoing agenda for their staff.  Continued training is designed to increase staff competency, and if an employee changes roles within the organization additional training may be required in order to satisfy to competency requirements of the new job position.

Joint Commission Training Requirements

Aside from training for specific job roles within the organization, some other topics The Joint Commission also requires training for are:

  • Specific processes and policies on the delivery of care, treatment and services within the organization
  • Infection control related topics
  • Cultural diversity
  • The Rights of clients

Role Specific Training

Depending on the roles of different staff in the organization, The Joint Commission requires additional training.  Staff that perform waived testing, handle patient medication, or engage in restraint and seclusion are a few examples of staff roles that would require additional training, however, this is not to say that every staff member doesn't need constant training.  

The organization needs to evaluate what is appropriate for staff to be trained on based on what is relevant to their program.  You may experience an influx of clients who have a particular diagnosis or condition, at which point it would be prudent to provide your staff with training on how to best work with the current population.

It's also worth mentioning that if your agency works with clients that are minors there are various other topics that staff must be trained on.

How We Can Assist Your Organization with Staff Training

Over the years we have developed training manuals on every behavioral health topic imaginable.  Whether your staff needs orientation training or additional training on trauma, assessing suicidality, emergency management, or any physical health concerns that may present themselves, we can provide your organization with materials that are customized to meet your needs.  

Also, we specialize in survey preparation training.  If your organization has a survey that has been scheduled, or if you're due for your 3-year survey, we can assist you in making sure all of your staff are up to date with everything Joint Commission related.

If your organization needs assistance in staff training, or achieving accreditation through The Joint Commission, click the link below to contact us through our web submission form, or call us anytime at (866) 444-7272.

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