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Why Choose Us As your Joint Commission Consultant or to Help License a New Program?

Guidance through behavioral health licensing or Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) accreditation is key —that’s why our strategy is to walk you step-by-step through the process. We give you the time and guidance you deserve and provide you with the tools to achieve your goals and maintain them over time.  Our Joint Commission consultants will assist your facility in achieving national accreditation by having your organization survey ready.  If you're looking to open a new substance abuse treatment center, our behavioral health consultants have success licensing behavioral health programs across the country.  

Our Experience

With over 10 years in behavioral healthcare working with dozens of agencies and hundreds of professionals, we have a  passion for helping behavioral health agencies achieve their goals. Our process for building new behavioral health programs and achieving Joint Commission accreditation is designed to empower you team with the tools and knowledge necessary for success.  Our down to earth approach to helping your staff understand TJC standards will help you maintain accreditation long after the on site survey is complete.  

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The Benefits of Being Joint Commission Accredited

Accreditation shows potential clients, consultants or investors that your organization is committed to safety and quality of care.  In most states substance use treatment centers and other behavioral healthcare organizations go through a survey in order to gain state licensure.  This involves compliance with various state standards that cover everything from the environment of care to treatment and discharge planning.  Passing your initial licensing survey is the first step to consumer confidence.  

Becoming Joint Commission accredited shows people a level of commitment beyond state licensure.  While your state has a set of rules to follow, TJC also has standards that help guide your efforts in delivering safe and effective treatment to clients.  These standards cause your organization to think about how you deliver behavioral health services in a different way, and always has you focusing on better compliance and performance improvement that will make your program better.  Joint Commission standards not only focus on similar areas to a state survey, but they also tend to focus more on patient safety, quality management, performance improvement, and risk management.  If medication services is part of your behavioral health program, the Medication Management standards  ask that physicians and nurses have an increased focus on the prescription and administration (or assistance in the self-administration) of medication.

Joint Commission Consultants for your Behavioral Healthcare Program

Achieving national accreditation through The Joint Commission (TJC) can be an incredibly time consuming and stressful time for your staff.  Developing the level of documentation required to support compliance with Joint Commission standards, and the different Elements of Performance related to each standard is a tall task for staff who already have full-time jobs delivering services to clients.  Our behavioral healthcare consultants have developed templates for all of the documents to prepare your behavioral health organization for a Joint Commission survey.  Our goal is for our consultants to streamline the process so your staff can continue to deliver great services without the burden of trying to create compliance documents from scratch.  

Customized Solutions for TJC Accreditation

All of the  content our consultants have developed to achieve accreditation with the Joint Commission for behavioral health organizations over the years are not one size fits all.  We customize each document for each company we work with.  We understand that every  organization is unique, and one of our goals is for you to achieve Joint Commission accreditation without having to change your entire program.  There's aspects of your behavioral health program that have made you successful and have appealed to clients in the past.  We want to work with your company to achieve Joint Commission accreditation while also preserving what keeps your program individualized.

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Licensing New Behavioral Healthcare Programs

Our relationships with behavioral health organizations we serve often last for years.  Whether it is through assisting in achieving Joint Commission accreditation or opening a new behavioral healthcare program we stay a resource for your organization.  Many behavioral health programs we have worked with to achieve accreditation or licensure decide to work with us on future projects such as opening new behavioral healthcare programs.

Licensing a new behavioral health program in many states is similar to achieving Joint Commission accreditation.  There's an application followed by a lot of preparation and a survey.  While a state survey is often times not as long as a Joint Commission survey, success without delays to opening your new behavioral health program critical.  Our behavioral healthcare consultants will work with your identified staff to ensure that you have everything you need for your state survey and that all of your documentation matches state regulations and requirements.  If your agency's future goal is to achieve Joint Commission accreditation after successful licensure with the state, we will build documentation that supports TJC accreditation.  Step-by-step we walk with you through the launch of your new program.

joint commission compliance

Growth is crucial to the life of a company, but maintaining high standards after goals are achieved is key to continued success.  We assist in streamlining your Quality Management and Performance Improvement processes to strengthen your program for continued growth.

healthcare documentation

Proper documentation to maintain compliance is key to state licensing or accreditation through The Joint Commission.  Our behavioral health consultants work with organizations to customize documentation to match their needs and stay in compliance with state and TJC regulations.

rehab staff training

Implementing new policies, procedures or processes works best when all relevant staff are educated on what's new or changing.  We can provide your staff with the training required to best roll-out new program features or updates to current systems that are in place.

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