Joint Commission Consultants for Behavioral Healthcare

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With over 10 years of experience in behavioral healthcare, we understand what it takes for an organization to be successful.

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Every behavioral healthcare organization we have contracted with has achieved a 3-year Joint Commission accreditation following a successful survey.

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We assist in licensing behavioral healthcare organizations nationwide.  Outpatient, Residential, Inpatient, and Detox treatment centers are our specialty.

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Joint Commission Survey Preparation Services

Survey Preparation

Joint Commission survey preparation

Staff Training

Joint commission staff training

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Environment of Care

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Quality Management

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Joint Commission Consultants - Recovery Consultants

The Benefits of Being Joint Commission Accredited

Joint Commission survey preparation consultants

Joint Commission accreditation shows potential clients, consultants or investors that your organization is committed to safety and quality of care, and demonstrates a level of commitment beyond state licensure.  

While your state has a set of rules to follow, TJC also has a set of standards that enhance the quality of your program and improve the services you deliver to your clients. 

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Recovery Consultants Assisting your Behavioral Healthcare Program

Joint commission survey preparation

Achieving national accreditation through The Joint Commission (TJC) can be an incredibly time consuming and stressful time for your staff.  

Our goal is for our expert Joint Commission preparation consultants to streamline the accreditation process so your staff can continue to deliver great services without stress of preparing for a survey.

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Customized Solutions for Joint Commission Accreditation

Joint Commission survey preparation

Everything our consultants have developed to prepare organizations for Joint Commission accreditation is customized for each company we work with.  We understand that every program is unique.

We want to enhance your program by accentuating what works and improving the areas where improvements can be made, resulting in a safer, more effective program.

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Drug Treatment Center Licensing - Recovery Consultants

Licensing New Behavioral Healthcare Programs

The relationships our consultants have developed with behavioral health organizations often last for years.  Whether it is through assisting in achieving Joint Commission accreditation or opening a new drug treatment center to treat addiction, we stay a resource for organizations we contract with.  

Many behavioral health programs we have worked with to achieve accreditation or licensure decide to work with us on future projects such as opening new behavioral healthcare programs. Often times our clients will start out licensing an outpatient treatment center, and grow to where they decide to add a residential or detox facility to their program. 

Licensing a new treatment centers in many states is similar to achieving Joint Commission accreditation.  There's an application followed by a lot of preparation and a survey.  While a state survey is often times not as long as a Joint Commission survey, success without delay is critical to opening your new business.  

Our drug rehab licensing consultants will work with your identified staff to ensure that you have everything you need for your state survey. All of your documentation will match state regulations and requirements.  If your agency's future goal is to achieve Joint Commission accreditation after licensing your treatment center with the state, we will build documentation that supports TJC accreditation.  Step-by-step we walk with you through the launch of your new program.

For more information licensing a new behavioral health program, whether it's outpatient, inpatient, detox, or a residential treatment center, Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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