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National Accreditation


National accreditation through the Joint Commission or another accrediting body is a great way to set your business apart and let potential clients, families, or referral sources know that your agency has raised the bar when it comes to safety, clinical, and medical services.  As Joint Commission consultants we walk your organization through the entire process of understanding areas of your program(s) that need to be improved upon and assist in the implementation of applicable regulations and standards agency-wide.

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State Licensure


Whether it's starting a new behavioral healthcare program such as licensing drug rehab centers, adding an additional site, or expanding your current program to add additional services or levels of care, we can assist you in meeting your goals and navigating the state licensure process. Our consulting provides your organization with the guidance and appropriate documentation to meet regulations in any state.

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Joint Commission accreditation Consulting services

Achieving National Accreditation

Simply put, accredited behavioral healthcare organizations tend to offer better services than unaccredited programs.

Many agencies that contact us have decided at some point they would like to achieve national accreditation with The Joint Commission (TJC).  Sometimes this is a new goal, but in other circumstances this is something agencies have been considering for years.  Getting an accreditation project off the ground can be challenging if there aren't staff who have directed this type of endeavor before. This is why many organizations choose to hire us as their Joint Commission consultants.

Our process is straightforward.  We start with a mock survey — assessing your organization in the same way an accreditation surveyor would.  This provides us with the roadmap to preparing your company for accreditation.  During a mock survey we evaluate all aspects of your program, such as the physical building or buildings, policies and procedures, performance improvement, infection control and various other items subject to a Joint Commission survey.

Following a mock survey we'll work with your team to identify which staff will become most knowledgable about each different part of your program that will be surveyed.  We will also identify a member of leadership who can learn about all aspects of the accreditation process and all standards applicable to your program so they can supervise the maintenance of the accreditation after your survey.  This is a critically important step for your company.  We receive a lot of calls from companies who are already accredited with the Joint Commission, but only a couple people really understood TJC standards and those people decided to quit.  This leaves the organization with minimal internal resources for maintaining accreditation, and various areas of the program tend to fall out of compliance.

Annually we suggest that organizations engage us in a mock survey to determine if areas of the program have become deficient, so corrective action can be taken.  It's important to have survey readiness on your mind at all times.  While the Joint Commission may announce your behavioral health survey a month in advance, follow-up surveys are typically unannounced.  Plus if someone were to ever file a complaint about your program related to patient safety, chances are a Joint Commission surveyor will come to investigate the claim.

Recovery Consultants has worked with dozens of agencies, achieving accreditation through the Joint Commission for 100% of the behavioral healthcare companies we have consulted with.  If you find your organization is having challenges getting the accreditation process started, or want someone to guide you through the entire accreditation process from application to survey preparation to post-survey followup, we would love the opportunity to work with you.

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If your organization needs assistance in achieving accreditation through the Joint Commission, contact us so that we can help you every step of the way.

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State Licensure consulting services

Licensing a New Program or Adding an Additional Site

The first step to the development of a new program or adding an additional program or services is to understand the vision and goals  for the project. This holds true for outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment or detox drug rehab centers. Once this is realized the direction of the project becomes much more clear and we can get started on turning this vision into a viable program or service.

In many states it is a requirement that new behavioral healthcare programs or services go through a state licensing and survey process.  This often involves the development or modification of many items leading up to a site survey by a state surveyor:

Policies and Procedures


Personnel Files

Performance Improvement

Staff Orientation and Training

Electronic Health Record selection and setup

Licensure Application and Supporting Documents

Sometimes the volume of documentation required can seem daunting, which is a key area where Recovery Consultants offers assistance.  We work to guide you in understanding applicable state regulations and the documentation required to meet these standards, and collaborate with you to customize the forms we have in our repository to come up with an exact match for your program.  Hiring us as your behavioral health consultants makes the process of achieving state licensure much easier.

After policies are written and documentation is place, we assist in providing training to all of your staff.  Staff understanding their roles, and having a solid grasp agency procedures in any business is crucial, so we help you get your staff prepared to be ready to offer services the first day that your program or services are licensed.  Survey preparation is important but you also want to be able to get to work immediately.

From development of your vision and mission through the licensing of your program, we are there to support you.  Every step of the way our licensing consultants will set you up for success and help you achieve your goal of opening a new program or adding additional services.  If you are considering opening a new behavioral health program and need assistance with state licensure, we would love the opportunity to work with you.