Behavioral Healthcare Licensing


Licensing a New Behavioral Healthcare Program

Licensing a new behavioral healthcare program can be stressful and time consuming.  Your attention is often split between finding the right facility, developing policies and procedures, hiring and training staff or any number of other tasks.  

Enlisting the services of a behavioral healthcare licensing consultant allows reduces the stress associated with licensing a new treatment center.  We work with individuals and organizations to prepare for state licensing surveys by providing you with guidance every step of the way.

Our experience with licensing preparation for new behavioral healthcare organizations instantly adds an expert to your team.  We utilize our extensive licensing and state survey experience to develop a customized strategy for you that makes the process smooth and less stressful.  By customizing policies and procedures, documentation, and providing staff training, your behavioral healthcare organization will be well prepared for a successful state survey.

Our proven strategy for licensing behavioral healthcare organizations, whether it's an outpatient treatment center, residential treatment center, or detox sets you up for success.  Nationwide we prepare approximately 10-15 behavioral healthcare programs for state licensing each year with 100% success and satisfaction.  Our approach is not one size fits all -- everything is customized for all of our behavioral healthcare licensing projects.

The first step to licensing a new behavioral healthcare program or adding an additional program or services is to understand the vision and goals for the project. This holds true for outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment or detox drug rehab centers. Once this is realized the direction of the project becomes much more clear and we can get started on turning this vision into a viable behavioral healthcare program or service.

State Requirements for Behavioral Healthcare Licensing

In many states it is a requirement that new behavioral healthcare programs or services go through a state licensing and survey process.  This often involves the preparation of many items leading up to a site survey by a state surveyor:

  • Licensure Application and Required Supporting Documents
  • Facility
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Forms
  • Personnel Files
  • Performance Improvement
  • Staff Orientation and Training
  • Electronic Health Record selection and setup
  • Quality Management and Performance Improvement

Sometimes the volume of documentation required can seem daunting, which is a key area where our licensing consultants offer assistance.  We work to guide you in understanding applicable state regulations and prepare the customized documentation required to meet these standards.  Hiring us as your behavioral healthcare licensing preparation consultants makes the process of successfully achieving state licensure much easier.

Documentation for your Treatment Center

We provide your organization with Policies and Procedures and all supporting documentation required in order to achieve behavioral healthcare licensure in your state.  Everything we develop matches up with your specific state regulations, and we have experience developing documentation for behavioral healthcare programs nationwide.

Behavioral Healthcare Staff Training

After policies are written and documentation is place, we assist in providing training to all of your staff.  Staff understanding their roles, and having a solid grasp of agency procedures in any business is crucial, so we help you get your staff prepared to be ready to offer services the first day that your program or services are licensed.  Survey preparation is important but you also want to be able to get to work immediately.

How we can Help Licensing you our New Behavioral Health Program

From development of your vision and mission through to the licensing of your program, we are there to support you.  Every step of the way our behavioral health licensing consultants will set you up for success and help you achieve your goal of opening a new treatment center or adding additional services to your existing program.  If you are considering opening a new behavioral healthcare program and need assistance with state licensure, we would love the opportunity to work with you.

If your organization needs assistance in licensing a new inpatient, outpatient, residential or detox drug treatment program, click the link below to contact us through our web submission form, or call us anytime at (866) 444-7272.

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